{it's birthday time}

it's been so much fun to watch this little princess grow...from our first session at just days old to now, a year old. tomorrow is little miss peyton's 1st birthday! she is such a beautiful little girl.
i get to see this family a lot and their little girls have a special place in my heart. although this session was all about the birthday girl, i did sneak some in of her equally adorable big sister.
she's too darn cute not too!
thanks so much k and b for tonight. i had a great (and cold) time! :)
hope to see you guys again soon!!
here's your sneak peek...i hope you love them!!

her little cheeky grin kills me!!


i just wanted to show one from my session this morning. i'm not going to blog it b/c it was just a couple minute session (tried one more time to try and get some smiles out of miss a), but i had to post this one :)

6 blog love notes:

Molly Jackson said...

She is adorable! I remember her from your last posts of her. Very beautiful eyes--both the girls. Beautiful!!

Amanda said...

Oh my word. so cute!! Her little smirk is priceless! I love the one of her and big sister hugging!

Carsyn said...

Beautiful!! What beautiful eyes those girls have! These are wonderful!

Michelle Kane Photography said...

SSSSweet! Love the red pops! You have the most darling clients ever!

R.L. said...

Adorable!!! What a cute group of girls! These make me smile!

Site Administrator said...

Wow, they are all just gorgeous shots. Love the rich colors. --Jessica D.