{how lucky am i...}

....i have the best job!!
i feel so lucky to be able meet and photograph all the amazing people i do.....and can i just say...i have the most gorgeous clients ever!! jeremy and tina are stunning and so in love. i love when i'm photographing a couple and i can feel how much they love each other.
that's what it's all about, right?!
jeremy and tina, i'm so happy i got the chance to meet you guys...i enjoyed it so much. there are a million pictures in this post. i just couldn't decide!!!
enjoy your sneak peek. i hope you love them!!

5 blog love notes:

allie said...

you are not kidding about your gorgeous clients. this couple is H.O.T! amazing photos of them. i think they are just as lucky to have you as their photographer!

Dezarae said...

These are gorgeous, Shannon! My favs are the one from above and the one with the focus on the weeds and they are OOF. Ahh, you amaze me! I bet they will be very happy with these!

Michelle Kane said...

Shannon!!! I'm in love. Fabulous set and smokin' hot couple.

molly jackson said...

WOW! these are out of this world! they must be ecstatic. i want you to take pictures like this with me and my hubby (too bad i'm 1,000s of miles away)! gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

meg manion silliker said...

great looking couple. love all the shots. you are just rockin' it out all over town!!!