{a family}

a family= ADORABLE family.
such cute, cute kiddos i got to meet and play with yesterday.
they were visiting from canada this weekend and met up with me and got some pics too!
we had to battle some strong wind, but at least it wasn't the pouring rain we were suppose to get.
jill, is actually a photographer in canada. i always love, and am honored, to do another photographers photos. they know what to wear, know what to do...and are great at helping me do a 3 ring circus behind the lens to get the kids attention. haha.
thanks again, a family. it was a pleasure meeting you all. you have an amazing family...you should be proud. enjoy your sneak peek and if you're ever back down this way, i'd love to do it again!

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molly jackson said...

gorgeous photos! i'd travel for you to take my pictures too! i love the little girls dress. do you happen to know where she got it?
another beautiful session.

Jen said...

super cute!

carsyn said...

so great! i LOOOOVVVEE that first shot! beautiful photos. you did a great job!!

Jill said...

I love them Shannon! Thanks so much. We'll definitely get you take our pics again. We love the photos and Montana!! Oh and the dress is homemade and borrowed from a friend!

The Stories of Our Lives said...

oh goodness, another beautiful set of photos!! beautiful family as well =]

amanda said...

aw! those are some cute kids and beautiful parents, too! looks like a great session. they must be in love with them all!

Cindy Schultz said...

that first image completely blows me away. Awesome! What lovely country you live in. cute family! (O:

Becky Earl said...

These are so great! I am sure the family must be trilled. Those kiddos are too adorable!