{k girls}

this is one of those sessions i look forward to every year.
t, the mom, is a good friend of mine. when i started my business a couple years back,
t was and still is, one of my (if not THE) biggest supporter/fan/cheerleader i have.
her support means so, so much to me!
her kiddos are always fun to photograph.
they show up in the best clothes, full of smiles and ready to play. i love them!!
thank you so much k family!!! i can't wait til next time!
here's your sneak peek....i hope you love them!!

i'm only sharing one of the family photos so i don't give away a chirstmas card, but i wanted you do see how gorgeous t and her family is!! xo

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amanda said...

beautiful!! your sessions just get better and better! these girls are so pretty and i love their outfits!! great work, shannon

carsyn said...

LOVE THEM!!! these are so good! the colors are awesome. beautiful!

carsyn said...

btw-love the new logo! its fabulous!

Oh So Posh Photography said...

I love them all... Wow very creative and fun... You are very talented..

Melissa Tauper said...

I love these. You use such great stuff to make the perfect picture. Your photography is wonderful.

Tami said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! These are awesome Shannon - I am always amazed at your "vision" - you are right I AM ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST SUPPORTERS BECAUSE YOU ARE SO VERY VERY TALENTED GIRL!!!!!! t

Jessica Feely Photography said...

What gorgeous picture :) These girls are so cute, and that car is probably the best prop EVER. I am a little jealous:)

Liz Leighton said...

Oh wow!!! As a parent, I'd be proud to put ANY of these on my wall as HUGE canvases! You are amazing

Nichole Olsen said...

Beautiful session! Just love your locations! Great family shot at the end!