{the r family}

i'm a bit behind on my blog...but i'm slowly catching up. sorry for the wait r family!
i laughed so much during my time with this family. what a complete pleasure it was!! it started off a bit rough--*waving* to dad :) --and it was a HOT and SUNNY day, but such fun. this family is visiting the beautiful state of montana and wanting to take a piece of it home with them.....so, r family, i hope when you look at these they make you smile. i had such a great time. thank you!
enjoy your sneak peek!!

the girls wanted to play a trick on mom and dad...hee hee

this one makes me smile!!

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Kristen {son kissed photography} said...

Oh how adorable! I'm a sucker for strawberry blondes! :)

Elizabeth Leighton said...

These are just awesome! I know the family must LOVE them!

Teresa Murphy said...

You did a great job! These are all gorgeous:)

Michelle Kane said...

Sweet set! The last one makes me smile too... terrific capture!

molly jackson said...

what wonderful pictures! looks like you captured them so perfectly. i'm sure the family is thrilled with them!

Jen said...

so cute! love the red, white, and blue.