{j family}

last night i had the pleasure of meeting the adorable and fun, j family. they are here visiting from arizona..and i think they brought their hot, sunny days with them :)
even though it was bit hazy, it was still warm and beautiful!
i had a great time photographing your beautiful family! mom is a photographer, too, so she knew just what to do on the other side of the lens!
i hope you have a wonderful stay here in montana and enjoy your sneak peek!!

4 blog love notes:

molly jackson said...

what a great group of photos. such a neat idea to do pictures on vacation. i really love your work.

Jen said...

adorable! little sis looks so much like mom!

Eva said...

Great shots... I am a big fan of your work!

Crystal Zacharias said...

Great pictures! Looks like the family had a lot of fun