i am thrilled to announce....

some of you may know that my husband is an outdoor/wildlife photographer here in montana. about 3 years ago, he decided that he wanted to write a book using his photography. well, with lots of blood sweat and tears he made his dream come true. he enlisted the help of my mom (KC) who is a elementary school teacher and photographer as well and together they have made this beautiful book! we just received them in the mail and they are now available for sale. how exciting!!!!
he is in the process of thinking up new ideas for new books, so i may have to get in on the next one...haha.
i feel like we have given birth to another child! i am SOOOO proud of them both!!!

and of course, what kind of wife/daughter would i be if i didn't say, if you would like to purchase one let me know!!! they are $10 and you can either get them through me (he and she can inscribe them) or through the publishing company directly.

(excuse my poor quality snapshots)

some page examples...

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leaca said...

very cool. congrats to them both.